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Old Town is another mainstay in the kayak world having produced many reputable brands of kayaks over the decades.

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The Old Town Loon was designed with extra carrying capacity in mind, whether that be to accommodate bigger paddlers, average paddlers who have a lot of gear with them, or a furry companion to accompany them in the cockpit. Although this kayak has been around for over 20 years, 3 years ago Old Town decided to completely upgrade and revamp one of their classic Loon kayak. Not only did they manage to raise the bar in innovation, they did so while maintaining supreme comfort and performance for paddlers of all sizes and abilities.

This Kayak tracks extremely well and is very fast hull for a wider Kayak. The storage hatch area is secure, waterproof and fairly large. The only downside to this kayak was from a couple of reviewers who mentioned that the front carry handle was subpar and comes apart frequently.

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For the price paid for this kayak, one would expect better quality on some of its features. But these were the only 2 negative comments I could find about it. Everyone else is in love with the Loon ! It has every feature you could want: flush mount rod holders, tons of cargo space both watertight and easily accessible, a comfortable seat, and a foot operated rudder — wow!

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More to the point of this article, however, it has an impressive pound weight capacity. Its wide inch beam ensures total stability without compromising its paddling performance. Most fishing kayaks out there are super sturdy but feel like paddling a bathtub. Brooklyn Kayak Company has managed to create a fishing kayak that is also easy to paddle.

As with any self-respecting kayak, they have made it possible for you to stand up and fish from although, according to some, that feature is dubious. Brooklyn Kayak Company has done it again and made a feature-rich kayak at a reasonable value. With a huge pound weight capacity and a wide inch beam, the UH-RA Perception is another stalwart in the kayaking industry having created dozens of reliable and reputable brands of kayaks over the decades. The Pescador Pro 12 is certainly no different. Designed to provide added support and storage for the bigger fisherman, this is a serious fishing kayak for serious anglers.

Offering 2 molded tankwells in the bow and stern, molded in rod holders, cup holder, and an adjustable stadium-style seat, this has all the accessories a kayak fisherman could want. With a weight capacity of pounds, there should be plenty of room to accommodate a big guy angler plus all of his gear.

Of course, being a sit on top kayak means not having to worry about squeezing into a small cockpit or cutting circulation off to your legs. The Perception Pescador Pro 12 paddles like a dream as well, so you still get top performance out of your fishing kayak.

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Other fishing kayaks, while extremely stable and with lots of features, are more like barges than kayaks and paddle about as well. The only thing missing from this kayak are watertight compartments. The Pescador Pro 12 is another solid example from Perception. With all of the essential features a fishing kayak needs, this has everything you need to get out on the water and catching fish in no time.

Big guy anglers will feel right at home with its wide beam, extreme stability, and pound carrying capacity. It performs well for a fishing kayak. The only thing to be mindful of is the lack of watertight storage compartments.

Otherwise, this is a solid buy for solid guys! There are no two ways around it: the X is an impressive kayak. The X Fish and Dive Kayak is the perfect kayak for anybody looking for any of the following criteria in a kayak:.

First off, the X has an impressive cargo capacity of pounds. This is suitable not just for big guys who are worried about sinking their kayak, but for anybody who likes to take a lot of gear with them on their kayak. If you like to do long fishing trips, the X offers multiple watertight storage compartments in addition to front and rear bungee netting. Not to be overlooked is the dive function of the fish and dive kayak. Thanks to its high weight capacity and impressive length, there are lots of places to store dive gear like tanks, fins, snorkel, mask and the like. The X paddles straight and true even in choppy or windy conditions.

A couple last things to mention about the Malibu X kayak. As I mentioned before, there are multiple watertight storage compartments on this kayak. The very front compartment consists of their revolutionary Gator Hatch. The top layer is on the surface of the kayak where you can store things under the bungee netting. Below that is a middle layer that lays on top of the hull. The middle layer offers additional storage for your catch of the day or extra gear. Underneath that is the hull where you can store even more stuff below that.

Or, if you choose, you can leave the middle layer off entirely and just store stuff in the hull. The top layer of the gator hatch has a flip-up seat so you can just flip that up for easy access to the compartment without having to remove the whole thing. Pretty cool, huh? But wait, did I just say flip-up seat?

Why yes, yes I did. The top part of the Gator Hatch is a small molded seat where a child could sit. Not only that, but you can do so with peace of mind knowing how stable and dry this kayak stays. I purchased it to go with my 6 now 7 year old son 45 now 52 lbs. This Kayak works out perfect for riding with a small child! It is very stable and yet pretty fast.

This is an adequate kayak — a starter kayak. And one that is suitable for big guys and gals, especially those who are just getting started. Naturally, as I mentioned above, the price is going to be one of the best things about this kayak.

In this case, there might be a lot of larger guys or gals who are looking to get into kayaking as a way to lose weight, which is fabulous.