Grandmas Garden (Recycle Scientists)

5 Tips for Growing Organic that Your Grandma Didn’t Know
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Soon, I was noticing the cuttings and plants tossed out by my neighbors on garden waste day. The fun of seeing these almost dead plants and cuttings come back to life and grace my garden with their beauty has brought me such enjoyment that I would like to share it with our readers.

The front and back of every home was filled with flowers for the beauty of their blooms and vegetables to provide sustenance for the family. Well, you can still have gorgeous gardens and not spend a dime to get them. When I take my dog for her daily walk, I make sure to bring a good sized bag along with me. As I walk, I look for tossed away garden trimmings that are waiting to be hauled away by the gardeners.

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You would truly be amazed by what I have found and grown from these cuttings, trimmings and tossed away plants and fruits: Wisteria, hydrangeas, daisies, roses,begonias, fruit trees and any bulbs that are still moist, any flowers that have dried and turned to seed are good for this purpose, too. You can shake out the seeds from the dead flowers and save them for spring planting. I especially like to do this with sunflowers and any flower that reseeds itself.

How To Recycle Household Items In The Garden

Hydrangeas are easily grown by using the tossed away cuttings. The same is true for rose cuttings, and geraniums. These plants have a great knack for survival and a little TLC and water will bring them right back.

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Some added minerals and vitamins are a big help, but not completely necessary. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Read the full article here — and congratulate yourself for being ahead of the curve! Unusual colors are one of the hallmarks of iris bred by British artist Cedric Morris whose paintings hang today in museums around the world. While researching daffodil history, we stumbled upon this interesting bit at Wikipedia. Published in , it was the first by Amy Stewart who went on to write best-sellers such as Flower Confidential and The Drunken Botanist and co-found the popular Garden Rant blog. The other thing is the idea of our own kids as mentors. Corona Long Straight Snips.

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Angela England- Untrained Housewife. Mary Hitchings- Raising Dick and Jane. Amanda Jones- Adventures of Mommyhood. I never enter things, but as I am increasing my gardening and have hopes of one day living off the grid and homesteading, this would be wonderful! Good luck everyone!

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Great post, Chris! I always wondered why people of all gardening persuasions organic or not would advise to use tires for planting in—it just seems gross!

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Katie & her cousin Kelly started a club called Recycle Scientists. They go on adventures turning recycling into toys, and sometimes even love. Come along as . They go on adventures turning recycling into toys, and sometimes even love. Come along as they help Grandma in the garden and even recycle a jelly jar into a.

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