Growth of Crystals: 21

Growth of organic crystals via attachment and transformation of nanoscopic precursors
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Download Article PDF. Share this article. Article information. Kinks in Elementary Steps 2. Crystal Surface Energy. Herring's Formula 3. Corner Points in the Profiles of Crystal Surfaces 4. Surface Stability Conditions 5. Crystal Growth from Vapor 6. Particles Adsorbed on a Surface 7. The Motion of an Isolated Step 8. Logvinskii, T.

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Cite this article Jiang, Y. Zhang, T. Sci Rep 5 : Related Articles. Your feedback will go directly to Science X editors. This might considerably speed up crystal growth that is of major importance in a number of materials and applications. The whole process is therefore clearly dominated by kinetics, and not by thermodynamics.

Trukhanov, A. Kolesnikov, G. Bolkhovityanov, A. Yaroshevich, M. Kukushki, D. Koverda, V. Smolsky, A. Voloshin, E. Rudneva, N.

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Zaitseva, J. De Yoreo. Antonov, S. Bakholdin, V. Krymov, I. Shul''pina, M. Fedorov, B.


Sobolev, L. Medvedeva, B. Zharikov, G. Kuz''micheva, S. Myal''dun, A. Prostomolotov, N. Brenier, C. Tu, Z. Zhu, and J. Ye, J. Stone-Sundberg, M.

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Hruschka, G. Aka, W. Kong, and D. Aloui-Lebbou, C. Goutaudier, S.

Growth behavior of ammonothermal GaN crystals grown on non-polar and semi-polar HVPE GaN seeds

The mechanism of the retardation of crystal growth by added crystallization ( ), p. W.H. Boyce, N.M. Sulkin. J. Clin. Invest., 35 (), p. This might considerably speed up crystal growth that is of major issue of the scientific journal Nature Communications on 21 June

Kubota, C. Dujardin, M. Cohen-Adad, C.

Crystal growth with common salt

Pedrini, P. Florian, and D. Jaque, J. Capmany, and J. Growth Ch. Belokoneva, A. Azizov, N. Leonyuk, M. Simonov, and N. Leoniuk, T. Timchenko, and N.

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Bjorkholm and A. Sutherland, Handbook of Nonlinear Optics, 2nd ed.

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