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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Success , Sports , Perseverance. Heart , Eye , Men. Years , White , Light. Autumn , Apples , Coal.

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Weed , Autumn , Warrior. Heart , Passion , Men. Change , Strange , Something New. Clever , Dirty , Letters. Heart , Holiday , Blow. Heart , Sunshine , Clouds. Change , Rain , Moon. Patience , Strong , Heart. Wall , Night , Light. Friendship , Different , Tongue. Women , Medusa , Stones. Disappointment , Hands , Voice. Love , Night , Dawn. Dust , Soul , Stronger. Life , Heart , Hands. Send Report. Mistake: Choose Email for contact not necessary :.

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maicysasaso.tk: Longfellow: The Complete Poetical Works (Annotated) eBook: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Kindle Store. My Complete Poetical Works (Annotated Edition). Front Cover · Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Jazzybee Verlag, - pages.

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Emily Dickinson Poet. Washington Irving Author. John Keats Poet. Dante Alighieri Poet. Louisa May Alcott Novelist. Langston Hughes Poet. James F. Cooper Writer. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Follow Unfollow. But parody did nothing to undermine the success of the book; even more marketable than Evangeline , Hiawatha sold 50, copies by and earned 7, dollars in royalties in its first decade. The poem was extensively reviewed, translated into German by Ferdinand Freiligrath in , and set to music as well as featured in dramatic performances. Hiawatha introduces his tribe to agriculture through his encounter with the corn god Mondamin, to transportation by inventing the birch canoe, and to picture-writing.

Through his friendship with Chibiabos the musician, he encourages the arts; by marrying a Dacotah maiden, he fosters intertribal peace. At the end of the poem, Hiawatha journeys westward alone after enjoining his people to welcome European missionaries with their new culture and Christian faith. The poem exalts and exocitizes Native Americans and assumes the obliteration of indigenous ways of life.

For immediate publication, in three months beginning late in he composed the title poem for The Courtship of Miles Standish and Other Poems Her husband, who sustained severe burns to his hands, arms, and face in smothering the fire, was left with severe facial sensitivities that precluded shaving thereafter and forced him to grow the patriarchal white beard so familiar from later portraits; he was also left with heavy responsibilities for his family and with intense grief.

While coping with private tragedy at home, he suffered the additional trauma of the Civil War. That ordeal touched his family directly in late , when Charles Longfellow was wounded while fighting for the Union army; his father and brother made an anxious trip to Washington to escort him home.


Again, Longfellow coped with sorrow by plunging himself into literary work—this time of an intensely challenging sort. A project already well in hand that he was able to bring to completion was Tales of a Wayside Inn , the first part of which appeared in This collection consisted of narrative poems composed in a great variety of metric patterns.

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Although many of the poems had been written and even published separately beforehand, they were loosely held together in this book by the fiction of an assemblage of friends entertaining each other by storytelling at a Sudbury, Massachusetts, inn. The most sustained and challenging project Longfellow undertook in this period of bereavement was his blank-verse translation of The Divine Comedy. A translation of this work had been among his goals when teaching Dante at Harvard, and he had translated small parts of the poem in the early s.

Now he plunged into work, translating at the rate of a canto a day. In these verse dramas set in Puritan Massachusetts, Longfellow attempted to bring forward his story into relatively modern times post-Reformation and into the new world, though Quaker persecutions and the Salem witchcraft frenzy may seem unlikely illustrations of Christian charity.

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Longfellow himself may have recognized that the sections did not cohere and that the historical sequence ended in anticlimax; he thought of adding another drama on the Moravians of Bethlehem to show the positive influence of the Gospel, but he never carried out his intention. Volumes of selected poems emerged along with reprintings of earlier books and individual poems in varied formats and price ranges. Flower-de-Luce , a small book of 12 short poems, came out in with its elegy for Hawthorne and sonnets on Dante. A revised edition of Hyperion followed in At least as wearing as his original authorship in late years was a massive editorial and translation project he undertook for his publisher, James T.

Fields; Poems of Places emerged in 31 volumes between and Although sales of individual later volumes never matched the popularity of his mid-career offerings, Longfellow lived to experience recognition and rewards seldom enjoyed by other writers. Tributes of many kinds testified to public affection—visits to Craigie House by prominent literary and political figures and even the emperor of Brazil, public tributes, and escalating requests for autographs. His final visit to Europe, on which he was attended by a large family party, turned into a triumphal progression framed by honorary degrees awarded by Cambridge and Oxford universities.

He also left a loving family and grateful readers who have continued to honor him by erecting statues and naming parks and schools for him, Evangeline, and Hiawatha. In poems throughout his career, he represented persons of all times, cultures, and states of life as turning to creative expression music, song, poetry, storytelling, and pottery for entertainment and reassurance. In turn, he received homage from practitioners of other arts: composers set many of his poems to music, and artists illustrated many of his scenes. As he had honored European poets by translating their work into English, he lived to see his own poems translated into 24 languages.

Longfellow laid the groundwork for other authorial careers by persuading readers of the importance of art as well as by demonstrating how literature could be turned into a paying proposition in a country known for material ambition. The moralism of his poetry came to seem offensive and even ridiculous as critics attacked his mixed metaphors as evidence of muddled thinking. In many ways Longfellow may be read as a friend of American multiculturalism even if Hiawatha ultimately exocitizes Native peoples and their culture.

His reputation could also benefit from renewed critical respect for sentimentalism, especially as that respect gets extended to male authors. At present, however, Longfellow has been relegated to the status of an historically interesting minor poet whose poems occupy only a few pages in recent anthologies and do so in ways that obscure the reasons for his original popularity. From holiday poems to quiet spiritual reflections, these poems and articles celebrate the interweaving of Jewish faith, cultural traditions, and literary history.

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Direct from the library of the late Hugh Selbourne MD a noted book collector and diarist. I have been craving an opportunity to reread Longfellow after a recent visit to the Longfellow house in Portland, Maine. A beautifully bound copy of Sir Walter Scott's poetical works. A leather-bound copy of the Lansdowne edition of the poems of Sir Walter Scott. Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 66— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was one of the most widely known and best-loved American poets of the 19th century. The Light of Stars.

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