Written and Directed by Lewis Coates

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By the time the series was over, Monogram had become Allied Artists and 1.

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And the B Western was dead. These 11 pictures made sure it went out on a high note. Cancer would take him in For me, this is the DVD release of the year.

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Essential stuff. It gives us Fargo and The Homesteaders The last of the Elliotts to bear the Monogram logo, Fargo tosses a few curveballs into the usual ranchers vs.

www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/whitfield/what-is-the-rule-for.php A gang of thugs, lead by Red Olson Healy are determined to keep the range undivided. No spoilers here, folks. But what I really appreciated about Fargo was its excellent use of the Iverson Ranch.

Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan to Reteam for 'Wrong Answer'

Many of the familiar rock formations we know and love pop up over the course of its 69 minutes. Originally released in sepia tone, we get it black and white, which is fine.

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Posted in , Daniel B. Before its 70 minutes are up, The Longhorn treats us to a cattle drive, a double cross, rustlers and Phyllis Coates. As well as their online channel and late night showcase show on Channel 4, Random Acts also tours UK film festivals with interactive displays where the public can put on headsets and watch short films on-the-go.

I heard it was coming back for a season and knew Channel 4 have always favoured risky, innovative and modern themes in their productions, so I pulled together some ideas I had been working on and wrote a script that I thought would tick their boxes!

I was then called in for a production meeting to discuss the funding and my role in directing the project. As well as the speedy production, the main challenge I had when making this short was the length. I had to create a concept that was modern and edgy, thematically in-line with what Channel 4 would be looking to commission, but also a narrative that could build character, action and resolve in under 3mins.

Christmas Caper (2007)

Midlands Movies Mike: Hi Lewis. Hope you are well. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Lewis Coates

We filmed and edited in one weekend. The production team were very helpful getting most of the leg-work done, which allowed me to concentrate on perfecting the final script and assembling everything else for the shoot!

MMM: Wow! That timescale is very tight.

Free Thought Lives

Were there any more issues with the filmmaking process given that issue? LC: There's quite a funny story actually - we found a great location, these big underground tunnels that used to be a disused nuclear bunker.

So at about 8pm we were interrupted by 50 ghost-hunters with torches and hiking gear, walking round doing seances.